Rename configuration and map files
[blkdevalias.git] / blkdevalias.spec
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesRename configuration and map files blkdevalias-0.04-1
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate ChangeLog and blkdevalias.spec for 0.04 release
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesDrop git hash from version and bump to 0.04
2012-11-08 Bryn M. ReevesSpecfile fixes
2012-11-01 Bryn M. ReevesInstall mpath-parent in rpm spec file
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesAdd udev rule file to RPM file list
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesFix packaging of udev rules file
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesInstall empty map from tarball instead of touching
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesAdd RPM spec file to version control