Update spec file for 0.06 release
[blkdevalias.git] / blkdevalias
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesDeal with duplicate WWIDs and aliases correctly
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesAdd missing partition map unset in ba_del_wwid_mapping()
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesRemove unused debug function
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesFix help message to include 'listdisks'
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesAdd proper partition and type support
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesRename configuration and map files blkdevalias-0.04-1
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesFix ba_scsi_id() for partition device arguments
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesPrefix logging functions with '_'
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd GPL license header to blkdevalias
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesChange {nick,}name to alias in all comments and messages
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesHandle empty lines in map file
2012-11-08 Bryn M. ReevesFix typo (missing ' ') in querydisk output
2012-11-01 Bryn M. ReevesAllow abbreviated commands
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename NNAME (nickname) -> ALIAS
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate configure message for name change
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename wwid add/del functions to match ba_ prefix
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename WM_ and wm_ prefixes to BA_ and ba_
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesFix quoting in string comparisons
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename wwidmap -> blkdevalias