2013-01-22 Bryn M. ReevesStore BA_MODE during config file writes
2013-01-22 Bryn M. ReevesDocument scan and refresh commands
2013-01-22 Bryn M. ReevesAdd refresh command
2013-01-22 Bryn M. ReevesAdd device refresh capability to scandisks command
2013-01-22 Bryn M. ReevesFix local variable usage in ba_configure()
2013-01-22 Bryn M. ReevesAdd comment headers to configuration and map files
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd scandisks implementation
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesFix long lines
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd missing comments in blkdevalias
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesFix typo in blkdevalias.conf.5 ('permissins')
2013-01-21 Bryn M. Reevesblkdevalias-0.08 blkdevalias-0.08-1
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd manual pages to spec file and update ChangeLog
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd Makefile support for manual pages
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd blkdevalias.conf.5
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesDocument debugging and configuration in manual page
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd blkdevalias.8 man page
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesFix ba_map regression
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesMake dmsetup calls consistent
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesMake usage, error reporting, and stdio use consistent
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate copyright date to 2013
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesMake local variable usage consistent throughout
2013-01-21 Bryn M. ReevesAdd support for non-privileged users and device refresh
2013-01-18 Bryn M. ReevesAdd device mode support
2013-01-18 Bryn M. ReevesDo not print debug messages by default
2013-01-18 Bryn M. ReevesMake listdisks output more verbose
2013-01-18 Bryn M. ReevesImprove createdisks debug output
2013-01-18 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate README
2012-11-20 Bryn M. ReevesFix ba_querydisks -> ba_querydisk
2012-11-16 Bryn M. ReevesFix spec file typo to allow 0.07 to build blkdevalias-0.07-1
2012-11-16 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate spec file for 0.07 release
2012-11-16 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate readme for configuration file renames
2012-11-16 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate spec file for 0.06 release blkdevalias-0.06-1
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesDeal with duplicate WWIDs and aliases correctly
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesAdd missing partition map unset in ba_del_wwid_mapping()
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesRemove unused debug function
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesFix WM->BA in default blkdevalias.conf
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesFix help message to include 'listdisks'
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate spec file for 0.05 release blkdevalias-0.05-1
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesAdd proper partition and type support
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesDon't keep ChangeLog in git
2012-11-15 Bryn M. ReevesRename configuration and map files blkdevalias-0.04-1
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate ChangeLog and blkdevalias.spec for 0.04 release
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesFix ba_scsi_id() for partition device arguments
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd mpath-parent to Makefile and fix strings
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd ChangeLog to version control
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd script
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd Makefile
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesDrop git hash from version and bump to 0.04
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesPrefix logging functions with '_'
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd GPL license header to blkdevalias
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesChange {nick,}name to alias in all comments and messages
2012-11-14 Bryn M. ReevesHandle empty lines in map file
2012-11-08 Bryn M. ReevesSpecfile fixes
2012-11-08 Bryn M. ReevesTruncate default map file to zero entries
2012-11-08 Bryn M. ReevesFix typo (missing ' ') in querydisk output
2012-11-01 Bryn M. ReevesAllow abbreviated commands
2012-11-01 Bryn M. ReevesInstall mpath-parent in rpm spec file
2012-11-01 Bryn M. ReevesWork around to get WWID for mpath partitions
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename NNAME (nickname) -> ALIAS
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate configure message for name change
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename wwid add/del functions to match ba_ prefix
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename WM_ and wm_ prefixes to BA_ and ba_
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesFix quoting in string comparisons
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesAdd udev rule file to RPM file list
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesFix packaging of udev rules file
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesFix udev rules to use new command name
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesInstall empty map from tarball instead of touching
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesAdd usage information and examples to README
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesAdd RPM spec file to version control
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate udev rules file
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesAdd empty map file templatet to version control
2012-10-31 Bryn M. ReevesRename wwidmap -> blkdevalias
2012-10-30 Bryn M. ReevesAdd COPYING and README
2012-10-30 Bryn M. ReevesFix querydisk -d output
2012-10-30 Bryn M. ReevesAdd wm_querydisk implementation
2012-10-30 Bryn M. ReevesMisc. tidyups
2012-10-30 Bryn M. ReevesInitial commit