2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesMinor cleanups in mffd/mffd.c master
2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesAllow gui to be disabled via configure option
2012-03-08 Bryn M. Reevesmffd_image_buffer should use glib-2.0
2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate gui for later clutter, cogl, glib and gtk versions
2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesImprove function documentation in mffd-internal.h
2010-11-26 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2010-10-23 Bryn M. ReevesAdd m4/ to .gitignore
2010-10-23 Bryn M. ReevesUse m4/ for local macros
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesTidy up ffd_manipulation
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesStart of a command line wrapper for libmffd
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesFix license headers
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesCouple of README fixes.
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd .libs, .deps, *.o to .gitignore
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesTODO updates
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesEnsure image cache cleared before new rendering op
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesImprove appearance of the Select Features dialog
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesImprove accessibility of UI
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesFix mnemonics so they don't collide
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesFix a crash when target image selected before source
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesMove the feature rendering into a ClutterActor subclass
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesHook up the remove all features button
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesAdd graphical feature editor
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesFix some GUI resizing issues
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesThreaded rendering support
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesImprove GUI memory handling
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesAdd a basic GTK+ GUI for the library
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesAdd a function to return the GdkPixbuf of an mffd_image...
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesIgnore all *.pc files
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesWhitespace fixes
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesImplemented flag unsetting in mffd_morph_set_render_fea...
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesAdd malloc failure checks, NULL pointer free checks
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesMisc library fixes
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesMake print_lattice() static
2009-07-16 Bryn M. ReevesMake LOG_DEBUG the default log level.
2009-07-16 Bryn M. ReevesUse floor() explicitly in basis.c
2009-07-14 Bryn M. ReevesDrop the simple interface from the TODO
2009-07-13 Bryn M. ReevesAdd rpm specfile.
2009-07-13 Bryn M. ReevesFix pkgconfig data
2009-07-12 Bryn M. ReevesInstall headers to %(includedir)/mffd-$(version)
2009-07-12 Bryn M. ReevesAutomake fixes
2009-07-12 Bryn M. ReevesAdd feat.h to src/
2009-07-05 Bryn M. ReevesFix line lengths to 80 chars.
2009-07-05 Bryn M. ReevesKeep src/feat.h under version control.
2009-07-04 Bryn M. ReevesFix description passed to progress callbacks by mffd()
2009-07-04 Bryn M. ReevesFix line lengths and comment formatting in mffd.c
2009-07-03 Bryn M. ReevesMove test feature sets to their own header file
2009-07-03 Bryn M. ReevesExport feature and warp rendering accessors in mffd.h
2009-07-03 Bryn M. ReevesSeparate feature plotting from warp rendering
2009-07-02 Bryn M. ReevesFix lut counter types.
2009-07-01 Bryn M. ReevesDon't track changes to ChangeLog
2009-07-01 Bryn M. ReevesSet default log level to LOG_NOTICE
2009-07-01 Bryn M. ReevesConvert debug helpers to use log levels
2009-06-30 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2009-06-30 Bryn M. ReevesConvert mffd/mffd.c to use log_* interface
2009-06-30 Bryn M. ReevesAdd vim temporary files to .gitignore
2009-06-30 Bryn M. ReevesAdd print_log() implementation
2009-06-30 Bryn M. ReevesRework logging interface
2009-06-30 Bryn M. ReevesWhitespace cleanups
2009-06-30 Bryn M. ReevesRemove dead interfaces from mffd-internal.h
2009-06-29 Bryn M. ReevesTrack changes to .gitignore
2009-06-29 Bryn M. ReevesDon't keep NOTES in git
2009-06-29 Bryn M. ReevesMove lib/ to mffd/
2009-06-29 Bryn M. ReevesStart NEWS entry
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesMake src/main.c use progress callbacks
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesNew progress callback interface
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesAdd field for progress callback data to morph context.
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesMacroize a bit more
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesRemove dead test code
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesAdd GPL copyright headers to source files
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesAutotilisation
2009-06-28 Bryn M. ReevesFix some compiler warnings in lib/
2009-06-26 Bryn M. ReevesAdd README, AUTHORS, NEWS
2009-06-26 Bryn M. ReevesRe-organise source tree to allow autotools support
2009-06-26 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2009-06-24 Bryn M. ReevesClean up dead code in print.c
2009-06-24 Bryn M. ReevesStart adding a logging interface
2009-06-20 Bryn M. ReevesConvert mffd options to use flags.
2009-06-20 Bryn M. ReevesMore mffd_apply_morph() fixes
2009-06-20 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2009-06-20 Bryn M. ReevesLet mffd_destroy_image_buffer() accept a NULL pointer
2009-06-16 Bryn M. ReevesRestore debug output in ffd_manipulation()
2009-06-16 Bryn M. ReevesCouple of Makefile fixes
2009-06-15 Bryn M. ReevesStart implementing progress callbacks in mffd()
2009-06-15 Bryn M. ReevesTidy up debug statements in mffdd()
2009-06-11 Bryn M. ReevesTidy up whitespace and comments in features.c and lattice.c
2009-06-11 Bryn M. ReevesCouple of fixes in main.c
2009-06-11 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2009-06-11 Bryn M. ReevesFix whitespace and useless braces in mffd.c
2009-06-11 Bryn M. ReevesFix memory leak in mffd_apply_morph()
2009-06-11 Bryn M. ReevesTest driver fixes
2009-06-11 Bryn M. ReevesFix some comments in mffd-internal.h
2009-06-10 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2009-06-10 Bryn M. ReevesRename interpolate_warp() as interpolate_warp_function()
2009-06-10 Bryn M. ReevesFix typo in mffd_apply_morph()
2009-06-10 Bryn M. ReevesFix render_warp_surface()
2009-06-10 Bryn M. ReevesMake mffd_apply_morph() suck a bit less:
2009-06-09 Bryn M. ReevesMake comments and naming for clip_warp_position make...
2009-06-08 Bryn M. ReevesClean ups and changes to debug output in mffd.c
2009-06-08 Bryn M. ReevesAdd more comments and change order of debug output...