descriptionlibmffd - Image metamorphosis using multilevel free form deformations
ownerBryn Reeves
last changeThu, 8 Mar 2012 23:16:53 +0000 (23:16 +0000)
2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesMinor cleanups in mffd/mffd.c master
2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesAllow gui to be disabled via configure option
2012-03-08 Bryn M. Reevesmffd_image_buffer should use glib-2.0
2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate gui for later clutter, cogl, glib and gtk versions
2012-03-08 Bryn M. ReevesImprove function documentation in mffd-internal.h
2010-11-26 Bryn M. ReevesUpdate TODO
2010-10-23 Bryn M. ReevesAdd m4/ to .gitignore
2010-10-23 Bryn M. ReevesUse m4/ for local macros
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesTidy up ffd_manipulation
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesStart of a command line wrapper for libmffd
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesFix license headers
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesCouple of README fixes.
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesAdd .libs, .deps, *.o to .gitignore
2009-10-14 Bryn M. ReevesTODO updates
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesEnsure image cache cleared before new rendering op
2009-10-13 Bryn M. ReevesImprove appearance of the Select Features dialog
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